Telkom's CEO has a "philosophical problem with net neutrality" -

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imageTelkom's CEO has a "philosophical problem with net neutrality" -

The time has come to have a serious discussion about net neutrality South Africa.

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  • oh wow just so many issues with that bullshit argument, I am not even going to try. Their problem is that their "services" can't compete with the market and they are struggling with the realization that they provide a dumb pipeline like water or electricity.
  • I wonder.....
    why then don't we just terminate the use of e-mails and return back to using fax machines and international phone calls, just because the Telcos realized they are losing money due to the new technology???
    To me it looks like the fight between the Taxi drivers and Uber, just because the Taxi drivers does not want to evolve then none else should be allowed to introduce any other new way of providing the same service.
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