MTN's network is currently experiencing connection issues -

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imageMTN's network is currently experiencing connection issues -

The mobile operator says things should be back to normal soon.

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  • So WTF I have been battling for more than 6 weeks for a proper network coverage, and I live not even 100m from a tower. 2 hrs coverage max per day just like parliament, scramblers. This is having a negative affect on my work ethic. A lot of my work colleagues are experiencing the same thing, at first it thought it was my phone but it's not, and I was informed by a technician from Mtn that the tower in question is faulty, we as customers are expected to pay, This is truly frustrating please escalate and fix, sick and tired.
  • It's a shame for a company with such values that cannot even advise their subscribers on possible downtime due to unforeseen circumstances or lack of maintenance,
  • There is one alternative and that's to change to a more reliable service provider. 6 weeks of intermittent and limited signal is just not heard of "HEY it's 2016
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