Inbox zero: Mailbox for Android is out -

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imageInbox zero: Mailbox for Android is out -

Inbox zero assistance for Android users as Mailbox arrives.

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  • I used it on IOS and loved the interface.

    However, tried the zero inbox thing for a while but didn't stick. They do really "sell" a philosophy along with the app. Instead I ended up with an Mailbox icon on my iPhone with a permanent "300+" badge.

    Then there's also the fact that they are accessing your mail via a 3rd party server - meaning one more link to hack.... Probably ok (until they do get hacked and it gets out).

    Unfortunately I think Google will look the best features, then pretty much steal them from Mailbox and implement it in the native Android / iOS apps. This would pretty much negate the reason for something like mailbox (although the native Mac OS client is a great idea!)
  • I am somewhat embarrassed to say I have 25 000 unread mails in my inbox. I've given up on inbox zero - as far as GTD goes, I'm simply treating the inbox as that universal dump now.

    Email is fundamentally broken.
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