Two blue ticks tells you when your WhatsApp messages are read -

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imageTwo blue ticks tells you when your WhatsApp messages are read -

Two blues make a read in the latest update to WhatsApp's feature set.

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  • That's appears when you chat wid a person who hasn't saved ur number.. Then u will get blue tick
  • Nope, definitely seems to be related to read-status.

    For anybody else who couldn't find the "Message Info" - just make sure you run the latest version of WhatsApp. I started seeing the blue ticks already before I updated the latest version of WhatsApp but I couldn't find the message info (i) button.

    Updated and new I can see it.

    Must say, the fact that you can see in a group who hasn't read a message is nice and horrific at the same time. We as a society need seriously new ways to cope with the always-expect-somebody-to-be-online part of WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps...
  • @ebendl You're dead right on how people's expectations are ridiculous these days. The worst part is that you feel like you're the one who's being rude when you turn around and say to someone "sorry, I haven't read that". But I get hundreds of emails a day and lord-only-knows how many IMs through WhatsApp, Hangouts and our internal messaging system here.

    It's a big debate we need to have.
  • their is read receipts option in whatsapp settings, by clicking on that you can off your blue tick.if you unselect, blue tick will off after opening msg. for more other info @
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