ASUS DSL-AC55U ADSL/VDSL AC1200 Router Review

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imageASUS DSL-AC55U ADSL/VDSL AC1200 Router Review

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  • Hi Deon.

    Thanks for the reviews. I have read both the Asus DSL-AC55U and DSL-AC56U reviews as I am shopping for a new DSL/WAN router.

    2 things that I need to ask:

    1. In the 55u review above under "Get this if" section you state "You need to cover a fairly large area with WiFi signal" and just below that under the "Don't get this if" you write "The area you need to cover with WiFi isn’t huge (like a medium-sized home or a flat)" - please clarify.

    2. Which is better, the DSL-AC55U or the DSL-AC56U? Except for the fact that the 56 have 2x USB ports, internal antennas and was released almost a year earlier as opposed to the 55's 1x USB port, external antennas and a more recent release date - they are the same and I cannot determine which is the better buy. Guessing it's got to do with the wifi coverage but after the comments in point no. 1 above I am now totally confused.

    Hope you can assist.

    Kind regards

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