Does the world need game reviewers? -

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imageDoes the world need game reviewers? -

Is Bethesda's decision to stop sending review code in advance really that big of a deal?

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  • Firstly, great read. I like how you challenge both gamers and media. As a gamer I've decided long ago to pick a few reviewers that I respect, and I always read their views on a game before I make a purchase. I think it's foolish to pre-order any game (unless it meets specific personal requirements), and not to wait for reviews. Gaming has also changed in the past few years, and it's now a must to wait before you buy. So many false promises and broken or glitchy games!

    Secondly, from a reviewer perspective - some devs/publisher are trying their damndest to prevent critics from giving opinions to inform customers of a purchase, it doesn't reduce the value of those opinions - it increases it. I also don't see YouTubers are critics, it's a trap that feeds into the pre-order culture.

    Lastly, publishers are banking on the gaming culture of owning a game the moment it releases. Gamers need to take a stand and not pre-order - or stop whining when a game is bad.
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    To me, i want game reviewers to get the hell out. I remember playing darksouls 1 with almost no coverage of it. It was amazing. Come last year when dark souls 3 came out the industry has changed so much. i litteraly had to spend a month avoiding areas on youtube and the internet waiting for the game to release, all the while there are litteral postings of the entire game (this is a weird circumstance for DS3). My friend knew the entire game before we even got it. He told me some things, not much, but the idea that i didnt get to experience the adventure with people equally kinda made me lose a lot of feeling in the game (that and that people were some much better at fighting and other BS).

    To me the thing about a video game is experience and if you show me all the good parts or draw dropping moments before i can even play you ruin it for me. I dont think its cool that reviewer make a decision about a game before 95% of people can even play it. You can put ideas in peoples minds that change their experience
  • I don't think so. Why do we need game reviewers? Most of them are biased and paid by the company. It is better to read play games rather than reading reviews.
  • Han - thanks for your kind words!

    SinisterPony - Reviewers posting the entire game? Usually they have to sign an NDA preventing them from revealing spoilers. You sure you don't mean YouTubers? If not can you send me some links?

    Martinguptil - Really? News to me. The only times I get paid for reviews is by media sites I worked for.
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