Gartner says there won't be a robot uprising any time soon -

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imageGartner says there won't be a robot uprising any time soon -

But your job is still probably going to be automated before you know it.

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  • What we need is a Scientific outlook to deal with this issue of Artificial Intelligent (AI) ,ROBOT automation and the historical perspective to understand the situation. “Think Out Of The Box”. The ideology comes from the book titled “An Alternative to Marxian Scientific Socialism: The Theory Reduction in Working Hours; A Demand for 6 Hour Working Day.” Published in the year 1981. More of its details in the link

    The gist of the theory is; there must be A Gradual Reduction in Working Hours and finally to abolish the Wage labor completely. However, today, in the changing world situation, I realize that the proposal of Universal Basic Income(AUBI) or any such programs falls more in line with the objectives of my Reduction in Working Hour Theory. In fact, the recommendation of an adequate amount of UBI without having the compulsion of wage-labor, mean Zero Working Day for those who would opt for it, which, represents the final objective of the Reduction in Working Hours Theory (RWHT). Therefore, I better prefer the name Zero Work Theory (ZWT). I will try to explain more about it in my coming articles.

    The principle behind the ZWT is that the fruits of the societies science and technological progress should not be appropriated only by a few elite but it is their historical responsibility today, to see to it that the benefit should be equally shared among all members of the society.
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