Redmi Note 3 review: To much "meh" for Mi -

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imageRedmi Note 3 review: To much "meh" for Mi -

The update to the Redmi Note 2 is here, but it might not be the right time to upgrade.

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  • Hey guys, I guess you don't know much about smartphones. Please stop reviewing about them when you don't even know about it and don't even know how to do complete review about any smartphone.

    Redmi Note 3 definitely have lower CPU frequency than Redmi Note 2 but it is far more powerful than it. The frequency isn't everything in todays world. There are many things else to see the power, which also includes the GPU.

    It runs games perfectly smooth, in comparison to Redmi Note 2 which struggles in some games.

    And regarding your review- shouldn't you include anything related to how it ran games, how much it was heating, how is its camera (samples?) etc.
  • @{Akash} We weren't really looking at gaming performance as we feel the Redmi Note range is geared more towards the business audience to be honest - although it's something we'll bear in mind in future.

    Fair point on the CPU frequency though. I've edited to make things a bit clearer.
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