• Today there are so many amazing tools available for kids to start learning coding from a young age. We have noticed that before the age 15, they often need a lot of adult guidance, in order to successfully grasp the concepts that these tools attempt to teach. Practically, we have seen however:
    - Since there are so many, parents often don't know which ones would work best for their children
    - Parents often don't have the time or skills to diligently assist their kids through these courses, and
    - Even the ones that do, have the problem that their kids do not take their parent's teaching as serious as a teacher's for example.

    It is because of these reasons that we started Kidspro - where young ones learn coding in a fun and enjoyable manner. We present classes in a weekly extra curricular format, and best of all you can do this from the comfort of your home! We have qualified tutors that present the classes online, looks at your child's screen, and help them when they get stuck.

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