Huawei's Y6 Pro has a battery so big it can charge other phones -

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imageHuawei's Y6 Pro has a battery so big it can charge other phones -

And the best part is, it only costs R2 799.

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  • I know i am a bit late, but i just got this phone as a spare, so i can send my terrible Sony Xperia Z5 Compact in, after it cracked the back cover by itself, gets so hot i cant keep it in my pocket and is just a terrible phone with false advertising, well anyways the Huawei so far seems like an excellent phone, when i needed to use the battery till it died for first charge, after connecting to WiFi, using the camera and torch and social apps as much as i could to kill the battery, it still lasted 2 days from day of purchase, which the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact claimed it could do, but so so cant.

    Anyone looking to buy this Dual Sim phone, it is a very good phone so far, and the Battery is AMAZING, just still need to find out how to use it as a power bank since no extra cables came with it and no info is available in the manual that helps.
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