• It is unfortunate that the South African representatives for Sigma photographic products are in Cape Town, some 1500km away from the industrial hub of Gauteng. Furthermore (from 1st hand experience) the repair costs for some Sigma products is ludicrous. E.G. a fresnel lens for a Sigma EF500 DG Super flash costs around $4, but the labour to replace it is around $32 (it takes less than 10 minutes), not to mention the transport and insurance costs to and from the repair agents, which amounts to some $44. Sigma flatly refuse to sell the fresnel lens loose ( for ther user to replace). In so doing, it seems to be cheaper to buy a brand name product, with full representation in Gauteng, or even a second hand item to strip for spares (as I did - for under $10). The flash only cost $200 new. It is this (overall repair costs) that makes some Sigma products not attractive to users (not the quality, which is rather good for the price). Maybe Mr Kazuto Yamaki at Sigma Japan needs to be informed of this anomaly so that it can be attended to.
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