Discovery Vitality drops Strava, RunKeeper and MapMyFitness from Active Rewards -

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imageDiscovery Vitality drops Strava, RunKeeper and MapMyFitness from Active Rewards -

Vitality Active Rewards Points adjusted as Discovery clamps down on policyholders gaming the system

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  • I understand your concerns but where does SUUNTO fit into all of this?? Before September when I synced my moves it automatically updated the living vitality website. After September vitality forced up to use Mapmyfitness. Which is not working properly to begin with every time I sync my moves I have to establish a new connection. SUUNTO is a decent and effective fitness device more accurately than most of them out there. Why can't we directly upload to website anymore? For years it worked fine???? I only picked up December that my workouts didn't upload since September? Since December I am trying to sync my SUUNTO unsuccessfully. I've emailed you my issue is still not solved.
  • You can't swim with your Apple Watch, And a lot of th time when you mountain bike your cellphone don't have signal so how will your Apple Watch be able to track your activity there??? For running in the street, gym, road cycling the Apple Watch is cool have a LOT of restrictions though, I get a lot more information through my SUUNTO. The Apple Watch is not durabale enough for a lot of the outdoor sports.
  • Here's the scenario: If I exercised at more than 70% of my maximum heart-rate for more than 2 hours, I got 3000 points. I therefore only had to train once a week to make my weekly goal. Discovery gave me a free Apple watch, so clearly it does not make economical sense that people can achieve their goals so easily. Prevent this - first remove the most popular app from the supported apps (Strava) and then increase the time one needs to exercise to get same number of points. Couple of months later - remove Garmin and Polar, because one can import training sessions into Garmin Connect from Strava, Then increase the training time even more. You have signed a contract that Discovery can change the rules to whatever level they deem fit. Therefore your weekly goal could become 100'000 points, with individual daily targets of 3'000 points being the maximum. Don't complain - you signed the contract.
  • I also use a Suunto, and I'm an Ironman athlete who takes pride in my hard earned hours of training. How come Garmen is recognised but Suunto not Discovery??
  • I use a tom tom..... The only way possible for me to upload my sessions and exercise routines are through strava... So what now??? Do I have to purchase a garmin to continue getting my vitality points for all the training I do??? This is not very smart, surely you can use a tracking device to see where and how you training. Fido will be erratic where as a person will run in straight lines and more flowing!! This is useless and bad for discovery clients that are training with preferred devices!!!!
  • If you use a Tom Tom or Suunto, you can still sync through mapmyfitness and the points will be awarded, this will be the case until you can sync directly through their online platforms to vitality - see discovery article :
  • So how do we get a copy of the heart rate table? Did a search on Discovery's site with no luck?
  • All very well there are people cheating the system but how do you release a rewards programme and then change the rules once the person evaluated on the previous rules. Then you should give members an option to return the watches i think.
  • I recently stopped using my Polar, because the strap & gadget is giving me a rash & scabs. I switched to Strava, as it has cool stats, and updates to my Vitality app. I have to run with my phone, but I'm used to that now.

    Now I won't have any way of getting points, unless I buy a new watch with no heart rate strap, even with my current Polar only being 18months old. Do I understand this correctly?

    What a bummer. I will lose my status & discounts, and any rewards.

    Am I missing something? Is there a way around this?
  • After sending them a message on Facebook this was the response. Didn't tell me anything about SUUNTO as I asked them. "Dear Yolandi

    Thank you for your query regarding why we have decided to make some changes to our fitness points.

    As a result of the enormous success of our new benefit offering, Vitality Active Rewards, it has come to our attention that some of our members are earning points for activities that they did not actually complete and therefore benefit without making the health and fitness gains that we would ideally want them to make.

    It has also come to our attention that some of the fitness devices and apps we have previously supported on our platforms have not been working to the standard which we would prefer. We like to always provide our members with the best quality service we possibly can so we have decided to partner only with those devices and apps which give our members the best possible experience.

    In order to help our members to improve their health and wellbeing, we prefer data which is clinically relevant as well as verifiable. As a result, we have decided to make these enhancements to our points structure.

    regards, MM
  • So how do we get a copy of the heart rate table? Did a search on Discovery's site with no luck?
    @{Dain Hannaford} We've uploaded a larger copy of the table now in giganto-size. It's a bit tricky to find on Discovery's website:
  • My mother (+60) was battling to keep up as her weekly points +600 and resulted in hurting her self and currently in hospital for knee operation. Left ICU this afternoon and doing well - I hope the new points allocation will be more in line for older people. Also not impressed that Discovery is cancelling MiCoach - was a Christmas gift to my mom which was rather expensive.
  • Wonder why Moves is being cancelled too - Seems to be accurate and knows when you cheating. I tried to reach my allocated steps needed about 150 and since I was in vehicle at the time, the steps was removed due to GPS distance vs steps dud not compute. Seems they made some decent algorithms for cheating.
    Only thing I don't like about Moves is phone needs yo be in pocket which means I don't swim or run with it..(not water proof and 6" is just huge)
  • I also use Suunto. I run ultra trails in the mountains and it is one of the few devices that has the battery life and other features I need for these events. Now I will have to cancel my Vitality membership because my substantial weekly running mileage can no longer be logged.

    I suspect that the sub-plot to this is that Discovery is now in bed with Apple.

    Can Strava or Moves be hacked to produce false data? Of course, its easy. Can Garmin Connect or Apple be hacked to produce false data? Of course they can, dare me to do it and I'll show you. You can lie with a Tomtom or an Apple. People lie on all kinds of insurance claims and Discovery is just another insurance company. So, if someone lies about going for a run, deal with the person. Discovery claim to know of this happening. Have they canceled those policies. I hope so, because the same people probably lie on their claims, eventually affecting medical benefits for all of us.

    Instead, Discovery has chosen to respond by cutting out thousands of us who just love exercise for its own sake.

    So how should I respond? Hack the system to upload the legitimate data from my Suunto? Frankly, I won't bother. Vitality didn't inspire me to run for hours through the mountains. Running through the mountains inspires my vitality. In fact, I only joined Vitality 3 months ago and haven't even started getting benefits. Now they've moved the goalposts. Goodbye Vitality - no loss.
  • Ken Krige said:

    I suspect that the sub-plot to this is that Discovery is now in bed with Apple.

    I suspect the same - created the Twitter handle @NoAndroidLove a while back..
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  • I did a spinning class last night at the gym. It was a 45 min class plus a 10 min warm up before, and for me a decent workout. My average heart rate was at 138 BPM which is approx 139% of my age related heart rate. I received 100 points. My fat lazy friend walks into the gym, swipes his card, goes to the onsite shop to get his well earned drink of choice from the previous week awards and receives another well deserved 100 points (equivalent to mine) then goes home to watch TV. Don't get it???
  • I bought my wife and I nice Adidas heart rate monitors that we could both use with our Adidas miCoach apps, available on all phone OS platforms. Now Discovery has decided to remove miCoach. So who is going to give me the money back for those heart rate monitors that I can not use to get points anymore. Also, I did the Clarens MTB race (45km), part of the National MTB race, with the new system Im not getting a single point for the race. 1. The miCoach data is not supported anymore. 2. They did not have the race on their special list of races supported by Discovery. So even though I did a legitimate race and have all the information to back it up, Im not getting a single point for it.

    So I go to Virgin active and watch a guy walk in, get his card swiped and walk out. He gets 100 points for that??? WTF. I also pplay golf. And yes, I like getting points for that, but how is it fair that you can take a cart and drive all the way and still get points. While not getting a single point for doing a 45km race?

    So make sure before you do a race that it is on Vitality's Race list. If not, you can apparently go to the Discovery support tent (which there were none of at the Clarens Race) and give you results and race number in there to get points. This is BS. Now I have to call the organizer to make sure they call Discovery to put their race on the list??? What was wrong with the previous system where you would post your results and race number on Discovery's website and wit would be confirmed and one would get points for it.

    I'm also quite disappointed that I can not be part of the Vitality Activity Rewards as their app is only for Android and Apple. Sure Windows phone is not as prominent, but I know quite a number of people that have WP. And surely they will at some time have to make a app for the PC. I don't think its fair that they do things in such a way that not everyone can enjoy the befits. I know they cant support each and every system. But would it be so hard to just generate the QR codes on a web page and letting a customer print it out? Now they kinda force you to buy a new Android or Apple product? Come on.

    I not happy at all with these changes. People that want to cheat will still find ways of doing it. They are only making the people that use the system legitimately angry.

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