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Many of my childhood memories are virtual. I spent my days exploring the kingdom of Daventry, playing Astro Chicken at Monolith Burger and trying not to buy any “fine leather jackets.” Once a year I would upwrap something special from Sierra and then spend my weekends at Incredible Connection (I didn’t even have dial-up back …

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  • I had to sign up for the site just to leave this comment. I'm really baffled by this article. It started out so powerful, beautifully recounting all the things that us adventure game fans have been missing from current state-of-the-art titles, only to suddenly flip on a dime and announce its disappointment that the SpaceVenture was somehow going to be one of these reaction-time-obsessed state-of-the-art titles itself. Huh? It makes no sense. And that accusation is completely false, too.

    I think you have seriously, seriously misunderstood something fundamental about the SpaceVenture project. If you are a backer of the project, how has it somehow gotten into your head that this is going to be an action-oriented title, or that it will somehow not retain the flavor of the old games? Because this is exactly what the campaign for the Kickstarter was centered around. SpaceVenture is a spiritual successor to Space Quest. And it's going to be an adventure game in the purest sense of the word; not "Tom Clancy's Call of Space Quest."

    As for spoilers, unnecessary hashtags and losing faith in the developers as a result of stumbling upon their social media profiles ... um ... Well, actually, for a crowdfunded adventure game, the Two Guys are quite tight-lipped about their game. They were actually criticized for not giving backers more to look at; something they've been working on rectifying here in 2014. That said, no spoilers of the game have come out, nor are the Two Guys intent on spoiling anything -- they like their audience surprised. What's come out so far isn't anything that you wouldn't expect from a standard playable demo back in the mid-90's -- such as you perhaps recall from the playable demo of Space Quest 6?

    Also, I'm not sure what constitutes a "necessary" hashtag, or how a hashtag is somehow deemed "unnecessary." This speaks to an author who just doesn't seem to like social media very much. Which is now, apparently, the Two Guys' fault?
  • Your first error was to idolize The Two Guys, but you can be forgiven for that since we've all been guilty of growing fanatically attached to those who create art that moves us.

    Your second error is less forgivable -- judging someone based on a stream of 250 characters. Scott and Mark are two very sweet humans who are also passionate about not only their craft, but other elements of life, too. Just like you. Whatever you saw on their feeds to give you a negative impression of their character was taken out of context, totally misinterpreted, or viewed through a bias filter that needs to be removed.

    I wouldn't have given $5,000 of my own money to two a-holes. I did it not only to help SpaceVenture come to fruition, but because I care deeply about the success of Scott and Mark, out of love and respect for them as two wonderful people. Not game creators, not celebrities, not childhood heroes. As WONDERFUL human beings.

    You could do worse than to reevaluate your conclusions.
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