Destiny beta now open to all players -

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imageDestiny beta now open to all players -

Want to play Destiny but you don't have a beta key? Now's your chance.

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  • So,the PS4 version is 43GB? On a 4MB ADSL line, you can download 1 GB an hour on average. So it will take 43 hours to download if you keep it running constantly. That means it will finish on Sunday. And by that time the Beta will be over...
    We are not prepared for a digital console generation in South Africa :(
  • You know what the worst thing is? I had this argument with Valve back when they released Steam as mandatory for Half-Life 2 and the upshot was... no-one really cares. I'm amazed they get away with it - but their focus is on protecting revenue from existing audience rather than growing globally.
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