Geary update makes it the best mail client for Linux -

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imageGeary update makes it the best mail client for Linux -

New version of popular GNOME mail client is a ground-breaker for Linux desktop apps.

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  • I'm using version 0.3.1 right now, and although I haven't been a fan of client-based e-mail programs, this one turns out to be my exception. The GMail web interface is starting to get a bit overwhelming and bloated. Geary fires up in no time hardly, and gets to the heart of the matter in record time. I look forward to future improvements too. It can only get better, as far as I can see.
  • GtStevensonGtStevenson Centurion, South Africa
    While I think Geary is absolutely brilliant I default to KMail for desktop email since I use (and love) KDE. If you're not into KDE though Geary's where it's at! :D
  • I love Kmail. The only problem I find is that accepting and sending calendar events is completely broken. Also, the search function is way too odd. Sadly, I end up using Thunderbird more often than not for work simply because it works most of the time, even if it is slow and lumbering.

    Similary, I used KDE exclusively for about six months this year, but ended up going back to Unity not because I love it but because it's a bit more reliable...
  • GtStevensonGtStevenson Centurion, South Africa
    I haven't touched Thunderbird in a long while. Always felt like the red-headed step child of the Mozilla family. Guess I never noticed the calendar events in KMail being an issue since I don't use calendar events or invites often.

    Have you played with KDE Plasma 5 at all? (here's how to get it: It looks really sleek with some flat UI design overhauls. I like unity and used it for a while as my default desktop, but eventually went back to KDE, just feels more comfortable. Guess it's just personal preference.
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